Starrphuk's Song of the day...

Is the lovely song by Amerie.... "Why don't we fall in love."

Now I know ya'll out there are like "Really Rinna?" "A love song?" Well this is how Starrphuk is pheeling right now, she is in love! So deal with it! LOL I love the beat, and the way she sings this song, she was phalling in love at the time. It's a great song anyway, with lyrics like: 

It takes such a load off to let you know
That you're the only one I never want to go
Things I never did now I want to do
A love I never felt, now I feel with you

Why don't I just swallow each and every ounce of my pride
Everything you do I wanna feel again
Ain't no use for us to pretend

Why don't we, don't we (Why can't we)
Why don't we (Why can't we), why don't we (Why can't we)
Why don't we fall in love (We, we, why can't we fall)
Why don't we, why don't we (Yeah, yeah)
Why don't we fall in love (Oh)
Why (Yeah)

Well I hope you enjoy this little ditty as I am LOVING this song right now...
Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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