Starrphuk's Song of the day...

Is one I have been bumping EVERYDAY!!!! I phuking LOVE this song!! Wait for it... Wait for it...

Massive Attack by Nicki Minaj ft Sean Garrett

With verses like:
So so hot in here it feels like a jungle (yeah)
Me don't like boys that ain't jumbo (yeah)
One time bust a shot for my champion girls
Tell them guys super-size me a combo
Kno-kno-know I got the ammo
That's why I bullet-proofed the Lambo
In the middle east on a camel
Running through the jungle, Rambo
Liberace tango, swinging on a vine, mango (mango?)
So call me Simba little mama
Cause Mufasa couldn't stop her
Bitch I fly in on a chopper just to buy Balenciaga
It's just me, Mr. Miyagi and the phantom of the opera
Going "blocka" motherfucka, got the big rocket launcha

How can I NOT like this song. Besides, the beat is HAWT and the Video is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Amber Rose is too damn sexy in the video. It makes me wanna put on a Green Wig put some Barbie Pink Lipstick on and grind my hips in time to the music phor my man so he can watch my phine ass... Blocka blocka blocka :)

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

La Reina

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