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Today's selection kids is the lovely lovely lovely song, "I think she likes me" by Jadakiss ft. Nicki Minaj off his new mixtape; "The Champ is Here Part 3".

I LOVE his final verse on the song:
Thuggin it, she lovin it
Talkin bout my ruggedness
Feelin her so much I let her call me by my government
Nice soft ass even softer when I'm rubbin' it
Gotta lotta cash but I'm tryna get some other grip
Stay straight Fly right good taste high price
Type that you buy ice possibly my wife
Hips mean thighs tight
Works out rides bikes
Cause all that excites me and I think she likes me
Cause all that excites me and I think she likes me

And Nicki's Lyrics Go HARD for her favorite rapper!
We was at da heat game peep game let him see da g-string
Yves St Laurent size fives a petite frame
He like comon Nicki really why you keep playin?
Said his name was Jada' I said ooh das a unique name,
I go and see him out in yonkers in da back block
He in da matchbox ballin like da mascots
He said im dead hott pull up in the brass drop
I see them hatin ass bitches in the backdrop
That's why I kiss him right in front of them
He ont want none of them
Even when its dark I be sonin them
Plus I keep the thing thing mighty tight
And if he think I like him then he might be right

I just adore Nicki Minaj and I am LOVING me some Jadakiss lately. His lyrics are on point and he kills any song he is on, be it his own or a guest spot. Nicki is Lil' Kim 2.0 but I just ADORE her!!! Her swag is right, (and she loves the ladies, SCORE!! lol) They both make this song GREAT by bringing their own thing to the table. I hope you enjoy Starrphuk's selection phor Song of the Day! I know I bump this song at LEAST five times a day. Just ask my roomie & my houseguest! LOL

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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