Sex Position of the Day

Ohhhhhh, it is about that time... time phor Beach Ball Booty!!!

This one is phun because you are on the beach, waves lapping at you while you are pressed against each other. *Shivers*

This position gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Havin' a ball." Lie on your tummy right at the shoreline. Put a beach ball under your pelvic area, keeping your legs spread slightly and your arms outstretched in phront of you. Have your man lie over you in the same position with his legs together between yours and enters you phrom behind.

Since your pelvis is elevated by the ball, he has unprecedented access to the G-Spot. The combination of his thrusts and the water lapping up against your phlesh pheels downright sinful!

Dig your toes into the sand to steady yourself. Being anchored gives you better leverage for more passionate pelvic pumping.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)
La Reina

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