Sex Position of the Day

It is that time again..... Time phor the Sex Position of the Day!!!!

Today Starrphuk brings you... Tawdry Tube!!!!!!

It all starts with an inner tube. Or a round floaty device. Get him to sit down on it with his legs dangling over. Then lower yourself on top (phace to phace) of him straddling his luscious man meat. ;-) Use your hands on his shoulders or the tube for some support. Once he is phully in you, start rocking back and forth. He can make you cum phaster by grabbing your hips and helping thrust you.

The phace to phace position is waaaaaay intimate. You are looking into each other's eyes and giving him a phull view of your spectacular body. Since the tube is hollow, all the water splashing you created by your thrusting hits both of your sexual domains, adding to the titillation.

To put yourself in a better G-spotting pose, change the angle of penetration by placing your legs over his shoulders and leaning back.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

Hmm, I might have to do this with my man this weekend!!

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