Starrphuk had MIND BLOWING sex in the streets of NYC.


Ya'll know I take a day or two to get around to posting things so heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! *In my Slick Rick voice*

Last Thursday I had a meeting with the new GM of Cheetah's Gentleman's Club in Midtown. They are looking phor new promoters so I went to meet the DJ so we could all discuss some business.

WELL I got a ride with my, "Man-Phriend", Phuk Buddy, Boyfriend, Sweetums, Lizard, (inside joke) Love; whatever he wants to be called, to Manhattan. While we were on the way to the Tunnel we had our usual laughs (He makes me laugh, not just a little twitter, a phull blown belly laugh.) and the usual Rap to me he has. Always something new but he ALWAYS has a rap phor me. Makes me pheel so damn special. :-D

ANYWAY, we were about to get to the tunnel when I gave him "the look". You all know the look, it is that look when nothing else matters but SEX. No matter where you are, what time of day, NOTHING. He was like, what? I said you know babe, I wanna suck ya dick. He said, head in the whip?!?! Of course papa, I answered with a HUGE smile on my phace. I then proceed to undo my seat belt and undo his pants so I can slide his sweet dick out.

DISCLAIMER!!!! Up until this point, I had never sucked his dick. So the phirst time he gets to pheel my juicy lips wrapped around his amazing cock, he was driving. Well I was so excited to PHINALLY get to slide his gorgeous rod into my mouth I was DRIPPING wet! I bent over and just started slowly bobbing my head up and down his magnificent tool. He was murmuring his approval while my tongue darted all over his head and my hands did their work as well. I took him ALL THE WAY into my throat and I phelt the car jerk! I was like whoa babe, keep an eye on the road, don't even think about me. ;-) (yeah like THAT will happen!!)

All of a sudden he said ma, we are at the Tunnel. I said, so, who cares? Then thought about it and didn't pheel like having a pic of my ass up in the air circulating around the Port Authority Police. LOL Once we cleared the lanes and were in the tunnel I went right back to what I was doing. All I hear him say is damn Rinna, I never had my dick sucked like this before! Why did you wait so long before doing it?! And at that I REALLY put it on him by going all out, tongue darting back and forth, mouth firmly clamped hands working and sucking   him all the while making it UBER sloppy. Now while I am doing this his hand is on my ass, making its way to my pussy. Once there he says Wow baby, your pussy is dripping! I gave a jiggle of my ass and he slid his phingers inside of me. He went in and out of me like he was phuking me. I phound myself starting to moan and writhe while he says, ah, you like that huh baby? When those words come outta his mouth, I came so HARD he was like I pheel you cumming Rinna, I pheel it, come all over my phingers.

At this point we were outta the tunnel and at the light. I stopped what I was doing and look over to the car next to us and they were like WHOO HOO! I started laughing and told him to pull over. He said where? I tell him to turn onto Washington and pull over just before Debrosses St. He said what are you going to do? I tell him you want it right? So get over here. He gets outta the car, comes around to my side, opens the door and I get on all phours. He slowly pulls my dress up over my INSANELY huge ass and I pull my panties to the side and tell him to give it to me, please, please, please. (Yes Ms. Starrphuk begged phor the dick! And what?!)

He slowly slid his cock in me and I already phelt the sensations building as he pumped in and out. All the while with me crying out about how good it is. In less than 6 pumps I came! Telling him Ay viene papa! I'm coming! OMG Now of course Starrphuk has to be on the lookout for the cops because it is Lewd  & Lascivious conduct and I am not trying to get arrested for some BS. Well I see everyone who is out and about looking over at us and staring at us. I don't mind, I could care less. It isn't like I shall be seeing any of these people ever again, ya know? :-) I notice one chick in particular standing on the corner just watching us the whole time with a HUGE smile on her phace. He was sliding in and out of me so damn good I came again and then he pulled out and I quickly turned around and took him into my mouth so I could as Jadakiss says; "sacame leche" LOL He just stood there whimpering like a little puppy. I LOVE that, being able to make a grown man almost go to his knees off of some AMAZING sex.

We stood by the car and talked phor a phew minutes making each other laugh and just bs'ing. Then he asked me if I want more. I said baby, how many times do I have to tell you, I ALWAYS want it. I can never get enough. So if you are game I am down!!! And with that I turned around and pulled my panty outta the way for him and wiggled my ass saying you want it papa? Porque si lo quieres lo puedes tener.(Because if you want it you can have it) Es todo tuyo (It is all yours) He  said oh shit, here you go again, speaking to me in Spanish. You KNOW I can't resist that Rinna. So put it in me already pa and lets stop playing I tell him!!! We were going at it for a good 10 minutes when I hear a commotion to the left. I look and a dude is coming outta the building not 10' from us! My Boo was like Rinna there is a guy right there! I know I say but oh well, keep going! He walks past us and goes to meet the girl who has been on the corner this WHOLE time watching us. It was HIGH-LARRY-US as all you see is my HUGE tanned ass in the air, legs all askew and him trying to hide me as much as possible. I wish I had gotten some film of that!

We obviously continued what we were doing as the was NO WAY we were stopping. The thrill of getting caught, people watching us, and being on the lookout for the cops was MORE than enough to push me over the edge MULTIPLE times. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride that night. hehehehe He was such an attentive lover, even though we were not in any position to be attended to, he certainly made sure I was good before he came. He would soft stoke it, teasing me then pound it then stop. Ah man, just had me all over the place!!

Whew! I am getting the shivers just writing about this now.... Damn. Starrphuk can't wait for Wednesday night. She gets to spend the night at her man's house..... YUM!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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