Starrphuk's song of the day...

Is the great strip club song How Low (Remix) by Ludacris ft Ciara & Pitbull. This has such a great beat, the Avin and The Chipmunks voices and when you throw in Luda's phlow, Ci-Ci's lyrics and Pit's sexy English/Spanish phlow you get one amazing combo.

New York, California, Philly and they really put it on ya when I'm down in Texas, Album numero ciete
Get ready phor the Battle of the Sexes/I'm restless, tryna tell 'em that I'm hotter than a burn of the 3rd degree/Then I try to tell 'em there ain't no one in the world as hot as me!

If you really going low, you gotta go hard,
Go lower than the grades on your report card,
Ludacris is the best that ever did it, did it,
When it comes to the money I'm like don't stop get it, get it,

See me in the air, I drop it down low/I back this thing up and make more money more/I hear you up in my ear like go shawty go/No I ain't a stripper but I do it like a pro/You said this girl can't make it bounce like this/Well shawty I'm the shit, shawty I'm the shit/Lady in the street, you know the rest/Put your money on the plhoor, how high can you go?

Honestly though, phor me the best verse on the song is Pitbull's!

With his lyrics like:
Ayeaye aye, mira como se ve la munecita con su trongita yo quiere bailar con el carne adentro
(She looks like a doll, and he wants to dance with his meat inside.)
I slip slide, dip dab whip pride Pitbull spit phire that's right (that's right) Now gimmie some bankhead baby and then later on I can Woody uh huh Woody wood ha ha ha ha ha ha pecker baby

You put this on phor your man/woman and twerk it out with your booty clap and drop it low. Set your mate on the bed or the sofa and give them a most stimulating dance by sitting phacing away phrom him. grind on him and lift your ass all the while by making your ass jump up and down and jiggle all over. Just make your ass muscles jump up and down then shake it phrom side to side. Phall back on him and gyrate your whole body slowly then bend over and just shake what ya mama gave ya. Believe me he will be thanking you all night long!

I hope you enjoy Starrphuk's song of the day. Don't be upset if you see this more than once. I would have posted it earlier but I was just now able to phind the Pitbull version.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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