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Lil' Kim - No Matter What They Say

If I was you I'd hate me too
Louis Vuitton shoes and a whole lot of booze/Every other week a different a dude and other crews
I make offers nobody can refuse/You might even see me on the channel nine news
I get paid just for laying in the shade/To take pictures with a glass of lemonade
My rocks shine like it was dipped in Cascade/Wake up in the morning to breakfast from a maid
Wanted me so bad you went and copped the bootleg.
Y'all niggas played like a high top fade/Some of the shit I hear I don't know how it got played
Y'all rock Versace and y'all went out and bought it/I rock Versace and y'all know I ain't paid for it
My fam deep with security in the jeep/When the Queen come in town everything shut down

Such a good song, she looked phenomenal in it and had numerous Celebrity cameos she showed she was at the top of her game!! You can put this song on and sit your partner down and show him exactly how to dance to this song. It has a nice beat and when the song breaks in the middle you can REALLY give him a thrill!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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