Starrphuk of the Day

Is none other than that Sexy Sumbitch.........
 Vin Daggum Diesel! I mean WOW. I can't help it. Starrphuk phinds him to be a guilty pleasure of hers! LOOK AT THOSE DEVIL'S HORNS!!!!!! YES YES YES!

He is sexy as hell and once again has all of the pheatures that I phind to be so damn ridiculously sexily gorgeously insanely intriguingly titillatingly pleasingly intensely HOT!

You know, the bald/shaved head, the full lips, the expressive limpid pools that are his eyes, his eyebrows, some scruff, muscles and he isn't even THAT much of a muscle guy. Yes he has but he isn't 'roided out. I could go on and on. Oh wait, I did. HA!
I can't help that I phind him to be so damn alluring. His voice, his motherphuking stem, zë, صوت, галасы, глас, veu, 声音, glas, hlas, stemme, stem, hääl, boses, äänensä, voix, voz, Stimme, φωνή, קול, आवाज़, hangját, rödd, suara, guth, voce, 音声, 음성, balss, balsas, глас, suara, vuċi, voice, صدا, głos, voz, vocale, голоса, глас, hlas, glas, voz, sauti, voice, เสียง, ses, голоси, giọng nói, llais, שטימע is just so dayum sexy. It has made Starrphuk cum a few times!!!

I remember back in 2001 I was with a rebound and we were getting our dirty nasty sex on at the Courtesy Motel over the G.W.B. He was eating me out and a behind the scenes for The Fast and the Furious came on HBO. Once I heard him talking, I remember saying oh shit, and the most intense waves came over me like never before. I think I came about three times while he was talking about the movie. Joe even got mad because he said that he KNEW that was the reason I came so much. Oh well. If he had been eating me right maybe HE would have made me cum ;-)
For those of you who think he is too muscle-ly, ugly, or whatever, BOOO to you! LOL
What man you know that looks good in a suit, a thermal, a wife-beater, a button down, w/o a shirt, a regular tee, a skullie, WHEW!!!
So without further adieu I give you: VIN DIESEL!!
He phuking loves motorcycles, as do I. *DROOL*

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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