Sex Position of the Day

YUMMMMMMMMM It is Lap Limbo time ya'll!!!! Get it in bitches!

Your guy sits back in a roomy chair with a pillow placed under his knees to elevate them. Now you straddle him, lower yourself into the triangle of his lap, and lean back so you're resting against his raised thighs. Bend your knees and put your ankles over his shoulders so they rest on the back of the chair. He grasps your hips as he enters you, and you set the rocking in motion by pushing your feet against the top of the chair as he thrusts by pulling your hips toward him.

The payoff of this racy recliner move starts with pure visual pleasure. With you in his lap, legs open, he's got an up-close-and-intimate view of you, plus easy access to touch your breasts, your tummy, and between your legs. All that tender stroking will intensify the sensual, superslow buildup brought on by his minimal movements.
Since you're in full control of the angle and depth of your stud's penetration in this position, you can aim his penis toward your navel to hit the G-spot. Be his tawdry tour guide and tilt your bod just the right way so he shares the feel-good sensations.

OMFG! Starrphuk LOVES this one. Even with her tummy being a lil extra she still has phun doing this one. She just lets go and lets it cum.... hehehe It is a phun one cause you just throw the head back, titties are bouncing left and right and things are just super duper... HA! He can grab your ass and make you go phaster, slower, harder... You control it but he can help the control.... Whew. Mama needs some dick! Who is stepping up to the plate? ;-)

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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