Sex Position of the Day...

Have you tried the Wanton Wheelbarrow????? Sounds delish!!!!

Start by standing and phacing a bed or a chair. Bend over until your head and arms are resting on its surface. Have your man stand behind you and grab one of your ankles. Make sure to keep your knee slightly bent as you shift your weight to the leg that's still on the ground. Lifting your phoot to rest near his hip, he should enter you from behind.

The Wanton Wheelbarrow is a rockin' alternative for those addicted to the angles and impact of any phrom behind ride. Because your legs are pointed in opposite directions — one in the air and one on the ground — he's in perfect position to hit that oh-my-God G-spot. Plus, your man will be seriously turned on by the access to your posterior — have him give you some nice open handed smacks on your ass.

Get the Wanton Wheelbarrow on a roll by coordinating your thrusts. As he propels his hips forward, answer back with your booty by straightening your supporting leg. The two of you will meet in the middle for one hell of a ride that might just last all night!

Starrphuk thinks she will have a boytoy do this one with her when she sees him next. It is a maneuver that is most sexy, I can already pheel the chills on my back... mmmm

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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