Sex Position of the Day...

Try a new position tonight.... Try The Wow-Him Powwow!

Sit your man down with his legs crossed. Phacing him, straddle his legs and lower yourself into his lap — without him penetrating you. (I know, I know, hard to do but TRUST me!) Wrap your legs around his torso, so they’re hugging his butt. Then, as you hold each other’s arms or lower backs tightly, he enters you. Start to slowly rock back and forth together, increasing your speed as you come closer to climaxing.

Like the standard missionary position, this takes eye contact and body-to-body closeness to the max but adds a passion perk. The comfy upright pose encourages equal control over the speed and timing of his thrusting, allowing phor a gradual buildup of pleasure phor both partners. Plus, your clitoris is at an easy-to-reach angle, allowing him to stroke your love button without interrupting the hot-and-heavy action.

Exxxtra Credit:
Vary your rocking to prolong the pleasure. You can grind into each other slowly, then suddenly speed up or get deep, then tease each other with shallow penetrations. Get creative — you never know what combo will wow you both to bliss.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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