A Huge Flying Condom?!

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I've written extensively about Jonah Falcon, the man with theworld's largest penis, and even featured him in this video report on AOL News, entitled, "No Work for Man With Giant Sex Organ."
When I made the now-viral video on Jonah, he was looking for a job and feeling the holiday blues.
Now, things are looking up for my friend. You'll be hearing a lot more of Jonah in the weeks to come. Jonah tells me The Daily Show has been talking to him -- and we could only expect this is going to be something good!
More good news: The French just unfurled the world's biggest condom!Jonah Falcon Blurred
The 120-foot-long inflatable rubber -- which might be too big for Jonah and most Jurassic-era reptiles -- actually flies.
It was built by a safe-sex group called "CondomFly," and will take to the skies on a five-continent, 100-city world tour on Dec. 1 to promote World AIDS Day.
The French hope this dirigible prophylactic will come to be known as "The Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex." It can carry three people plus a pilot. And when it hits the United States, I've already asked to go for a ride. I'm hoping Jonah will join in to help promote the cause. And, possibly, try it on.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
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