Should I do? Should I take to the streets like a revolutionary? Should I get a AK-47 and force the situation? Nah, never that serious but I feel like something can and should be done. I know I'm not by any means done with being me and growing into the person I want to be. If this means cutting everyone and everything off, so be it, I have no problem doing so. I will sell everything I own and go to an ashram. (okay maybe not that serious) but I can become whom I want to be by simply cutting you off. I can't have an albatross around my neck. I won't in the new decade. I shall become the person your negativity doesn't want to let shine. If I don't love me enough to do so, well how can I progress and prosper? It's time for me to spread my wings and blossom. It's time to take a chance on me and do what I've been afraid to do. Grow. Do things I'd never thought I could do. Besides I can't be in your circle anymore. It brings me down. Doesn't let me progress. Jersey is quite literally the ass of the US. I shan't allow you to be the one drowning me anymore.

Please excuse my ramblings. Just the thoughts of an insomniac who wanted to put words to touchscreen. Tis no one I was speaking of except New Jersey. But I'm sure you figured that already. Just me and my scrambled thoughts.

Modelchick aka Rinna La Reina
(She's back!!!)

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