When Starrphuk buys her house, this is her bathroom!!!

How phuking sexy?!?!?!?! I mean this is a seriously "Baja Panty" (as they say in Washington Heights. Shoutout to all my WaHe Phamily!!!) bathroom! I WANT this in my house. That is that. I am going straight to Pom d'Or and getting them to put together a bathroom for me.

According to DigDigs

Sensual Luxury is collection of bathroom from Pom d’Or which was designed to create luxury bathroom spaces adaptable to everyone’s home. The idea was to use traditional materials like Ebony woods and Gold pans, combined with lacquered finishes, to create sensual experiences in contemporary intimate spaces. Yellow always looks nice combined with black so do gold with ebony. Small touches of warm lighting just adding emotions to overall impression of the bathroom filled with Sensual Luxury furniture. There are enough different furniture pieces in the collection to satisfy any needs. There is also Tineo with Silver version of the furniture set. The collection is designed by Bruna Raplsarda. To get more info Sensual Luxury collection check out Pom d’Or site.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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