Top Ten Sex Toys!!!!

Now do not get up in arms, these are some of the toys that Starrphuk phinds to be AMAZING!!!! If you don't see what you like to play with then be all means pheel phree to email me your OWN list of toys and I will post up straight away!!!

Danni Satin & Pearl Wrist Tie Cuffs £15/20USD

If you don't find the idea of being tied up with metal handcuffs arresting, try a less menacing restraining device. This cream ribbon can also be used as a set of individual wrist cuffs, with a range of matching accessories, including a peek-a-boo bra.

Now I say if you don't want to spend the money on this sexy ribbon, you can always use a tie or belt, just wrap a silk scarf around it and voila! You have your own handmade Cuff!

Honeymoon Heart Shaped Spanker - £15/20USD

The "erotic practice" of spanking was commonly seen in Victorian pornography and is still widely considered taboo. If you're curious but feel a little unnerved by the prospect of a traditional paddle or whip, opt for this much gentler version.

Starrphuk has her own paddle already although it is a bit more Hardcore than this one. When I do want it to be a softer spanking I will put cotton balls in the silk scarf and then wrap it around my paddle and tie it together. BAM! Your very own quilted paddle!

Seven Pearls Massage Ring - £433/603USD

What could be more thrilling than an exquisite pearl ring? One that doubles up as an intimate massage tool, perhaps. This one is worn on the middle finger of one's strongest hand, and can be used on him or her for a truly pleasurable experience.
You KNOW Starrphuk wished she had an alternative for this but alas, she thinks she will phind her pockets $600 lighter come this spring!!
Afterglow Massage Candle - £12.95/17.65USD

How better to rub your partner up the right way than with a sensual body massage? And for this purpose, the Afterglow is pure genius. Once lit, the candle releases an aromatic massage oil, which hydrates and softens the skin on impact.
Now I say go ahead and buy this candle! I know I shall be ordering this one to try it out! I must say Starrphuk's curiosity is PIQUED! I shall be ordering it straight away!!
Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo - £109/148USD

Created in collaboration with ceramist Adele Brydges, this is an unusually sightly dildo, sealed at one end with a removable cork (just add cold or hot water in order to achieve the desired temperature). Sure to get her hot under the collar.
Well unless you have a degree in physics or are an expert ceramist do not try to make one of these at home! LOL Starrphuk cannot guarantee all of her readers safety so just buy the damn thing! Look how cool it is! You can put hot or cold water(among other things say hot tea, ice cold vodka, chilled jello that has been allowed to form perhaps? Hmmm, *devious thoughts phorming*)
Colore Moi Body Paint - £7.95/10.83

Add a few strokes of colour to your love life with some organic, edible body paint. Available in 12 different colours and flavours, ranging from brown chocolate to a less conventional lime green ? there's one to for every taste. Get creative painting on your partner, then lick it off.
Starrphuk has written about this before, but loves to expound on this subject as she utterly LOVES it! As states this is an organic edible body paint. Now if you are not pheeling like committing to a body paint, you can always IMPROVISE! That is the beauty of having a kitchen pantry at your fingertips! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use chocolate syrup, (Hershey's, can't do Bosco or Nesquick) OR I like to make my own chocolate sauce. Simple, take some cocoa powder, (again, Hershey's OR Godiva, OR Ghiradelli) a tiny bit of milk and either sugar or powdered sugar. Let it come together and you will know when it is ready as you can tell the consistency it needs to be. DO NOT TRY HONEY! lol I made that mistake once and shall never again!
Lust by Marc Lagrange - £32/43USD

There's bedside reading, and then there's this new hardback book from the Belgium-based fashion photographer Marc Lagrange. Although the images are stylised enough to pass as "art", his erotic imagery will still get most people's creative juices flowing.
You can always take your own flicks and make your own bedside book, but isn't it better to look at persons other than yourselves while you are about to get nasty with your lover? Besides, who doesn't like to look at professional glossy pix of smut? Especially stuff like this that is barely art! :)

Bow Diamanté and Silk & Lace Pasties - £49/66USD

Titillate your partner with these silk satin nipple tassels. With a delicate mousseline bow and encrusted Swarovski crystals, this will add sparkle to your set. Just be sure to attach securely with tape before you start shaking your stuff. One size fits all.
Starrphuk is all for tassels, she likes the way they look, and how they feel so why make your own? Especially since these are kitted out with Swarovski crystals... Uber rich and sexy. If you order a pair order me one as well!
Lace & Freshwater Pearl G-String - £79/107USD

One of Myla's signature pieces, the pearl G-string was a favourite with none other than Sex and the City's resident sex siren, Samantha. And in case the black version doesn't tickle your fancy, it is also available in cream.
Try this little number on and pheel the pearls rub your clit all day/night long! You will be dripping the musky sweet sex all day! Starrphuk has tried these before and she LOVES them! You can be sitting down and move a certain way and feel your clit getting hard and your pussy wetter and wetter! All one has to do is wind in their seat and POW! Instant orgasm!!
Liberator - £104.99/143USD

Essentially a tarted-up stack of cushions, the liberator is a foam-core block that unfolds into a shape that's designed to facilitate a range of sexual positions. It has a removable casing for easy cleaning, and could be used as a foot stool at quieter points during the evening.
All I can say is that this is GREAT! As stated it does unfold so you can leave it as a cube or unfurl it so it is a wedge. I've used this before in a sex club and it was QUITE lovely!!! I have had the pleasure of both being done and doing someone on it and WOW!!!! Do not try to make it at home just pony up the money and buy it! Let me know how you like it!
WHEW! And that is in a nut shell the top ten sex toys. Talk to me and let me know if you have decided to use any of these products!
Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
Rinna La Reina

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