Top 10 Places to Have Sex

Maybe your sex life with your partner isn’t as hot and steamy as it once was, or maybe it is and you are both just looking for ways to spice things up a bit. Adding lingerie such as corsets, teddies, bustiers and babydolls are great tools to add anticipation and spice up the foreplay sessions just before you indulge in one another, but finding creative yet interesting places to have sex can really steam things up when it comes to getting your freak on. Try some of these locales the next time you want to step out of the norm and try your hand at some extra added excitement in the bedroom.

#10- In the Car.
While this may seem like something we all did at one time or another when we were teenagers, striking up this tried and true love spot will be sure to bring back memories and get those love juices flowing. There is nothing that strikes hard at the libido bug more than the thrill of people watching you have sex or even getting caught in the act. Spontaneity is the spice of life!

#9-On the Beach.
Sex on the beach is almost is as renowned as its namesake in an alcoholic drink, meaning- drink if you dare! Surprisingly, not a large percentage of the population have tried this interesting, yet very steamy location. Next time you are camping or even vacationing near the coast line, sneak out after midnight and give it a try. The waves and the sand make for a unique, yet satisfying sexual experience.

#8- In a Public Bathroom.
There are some situations, whether it be at dinner with several guests or even just meeting for the first time, where neither of you want to wait until you get home to be alone together, so why not venture off to the bathroom, shut the stall door and have your way with each other? The hardest decision to make regarding this steamy sex location is the women’s or men’s room?

#7- In your Backyard.
Whether you live in the city or out amongst a field of jersey cows, sneaking outside to the back yard to get your hands on each other is actually a very steamy and exciting way to share an intimate moment. If you have plenty of fluffy grass for cushioning, just slide off your skirt to reveal your crotchless teddy and literally let nature take its course!

#6- At the Car Wash.
Living up to the famed song "car wash", why not embrace in a steamy, yet quick love session while the car slides through the wet and slippery car wash. More thrills than bubbles, you will love racing for the clock to make sure the car wash attendant doesn’t get an unforgettable peep show, or maybe the two of you won’t mind after all.

#5- Outside in the rain.
Everyone has heard of how romantic lovers have made love in the rain and contested their undying love for one another. Take it one step further and choose a hot and steamy night where the two of you can sneak off into the rain and give in to temptation. Leave on your lingerie such as a lace crotchless corset, or bustier and g-string and watch the steam rise from your bodies as you give in to sin sensations.

#4- On an Airplane.
This will take some careful yet thoughtful planning but it can be done and it will be a sinful experience as you climb your way up into the clouds. Join the mile high club at 32,000 feet and be ready for some tight fitting action when the door is locked and occupied. Make sure you wear clothes that don’t have to come off but rather slipped up over the thighs for easy access. Building up with some naughty talk and even revealing some cleavage beforehand will make him primed and ready for action as soon as you are both in there.

#3- Elevator.
Remember the famed lingerie on the second floor? Yes, Steven Tyler made love in an elevator so popular that hundreds of people were caught on camera and just plain caught with their pants down in elevators all around the world after hearing Aerosmith’s famous hit song. A sense of public displays of affection combined with a quick steamy love session has elevators being home to some of the most popular places for spontaneous sex as well as getting stuck in also.

#2- At work.
Statistics have shown that there is a sense of eroticism about the fantasy of having sex at the workplace, whether it be with a boss, coworker or even a spouse, sneaking around and getting away with having sex at the office seems to be a very big turn on for people, especially couples who are role playing. Wearing a coat or dress to cover up some naughty lingerie and then revealing your look to your lover is an added way to add excitement to the office romp.

#1- The Shower.
The number one most steamiest place to have sex for most couples is in the shower! Many things can happen in the shower, not just getting clean. This is the perfect place to show off your body thorough the steam, and let the lather and bubbles work their magic by running and dripping around hungry curves and crevices.

With all of these steamy places to have sex, anytime is a good time to implement a new adventure into your sex life. Living on the edge and trying something new will add a new dimension to your sexual relationships.
If you don't see your favorite place to have sex, email me and I will put it up right away, I am always looking for other different places to hear about sex.... Besides you KNOW Starrphuk loves to do it in interesting different places.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
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