Three Condoms In D.C. Makes You A Prostitute?!

WOW! I mean really?! Aren't condoms sold in three packs?! Is it not advisable for people to use condoms?! Are people just supposed to NOT buy condoms ever again?! If they really are going through with this then that means that the HIV/AIDS rate is going to SKYROCKET!!!!! I mean if they really and truly go through with this I phear phor the sex workers. Will they stop using condoms? What happens if this is something that takes over the country?! I mean I know I walk around with condoms at ALL times. Not just one or two either because Starrphuk is ALWAYS prepared phor battle! :) I have condoms in all of my purses/clutches/luggages/laptop bags/and other bags. I once read that 98% of women carry Lip Protection but only 3% carry Sex Protection. Now I ask you, what message does that send to our young women growing up? Not to ever carry protection because a lady doesn't do that. WHATEVER!!!! Never wait phor the man to pull out protection, always be prepared. HOWEVER now that this is something happening in D.C. I am curious to know if there are any other states that are doing the same kind of law.

So if a woman is sitting at a bar being phree and phlirty all of a sudden she is a "working girl" GREAT. I guess Starrphuk should start toning it down when she is out at the Oak Room or like Bars. The last thing I need is to be arrested phor suspicion of prostitution simply because I like to have a good time and am very touchy pheely when I get a drinkiee poo or two in me!

I will be keeping al of you out there abreast of the situation as I get more information. Hope you use condoms!

Have a gret day the Starrphuk way;)!

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