STD Boozevertising

Well here we are. Phinally someone is trying to push the correlation between drinking and STD's. I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you drink to much you can slip up and get slipped in by an unwrapped dick. I hope these ads come to this side of the pond!

According to TrendHunter:

Derek Bowers’ safe sex campaign for the UK uses doctored liquor bottles to illustrate the connection between a night of drinking and sexually transmitted diseases. In the first image, for example, a bottle of Smirnoff becomes Chlamydia; in another, a bottle of Jack Daniels becomes Pubic Lice.
I love the shock art approach Derek Bowers has used for this safe sex campaign. Let’s hope it holds water in the UK.

My brief was to create a government campaign to promote safe sex and link it to the alarming rise in sexually transmitted infection cases in the UK. The direction of the brief was totally upto myself, but the project was not to come across as smutty or tacky and I wasn't to try and get that 'shock factor.' I used the different alcohol bottles after research the links between STI's and one night stands down to excessive drinking. (behance.net)

Have a great day the starrphuk way;)!
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