Starrphuk's Song of the day...

Is none other than LL Cool J's "Doin' it".

Who doesn't love this damn song?! A great give and take between LL & LeShaun.

So what cha sayin, I get my swerve on, bring it live/Make it last forever, damn the kitty cat's tight

Mmm... daddy slow down your flow/Put it on me like G baby nice and slow/I need a rough neck nigga Mandingo in a sec/Who ain't afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back

Doin' it and Doin' it and Doin' it well/Doin' it and Doin' it and Doin' it well./Doin' it and Doin'  it and Doin' it well.
I represent Queens she was raised out in Brooklyn.

MMMMMM Yummie Yummie Yummie. I mean this is one of those songs you can give your lover a lap dance to. So damn sensual. WHEW!!!

But LeShaun is right, a roughneck with a big dick who can pull my hair and spank me phrom the back.... YUM-O Yes Starrphuk loves the slow and sensual lovin but there is nothing like some nice good hard sexing!!

Have a GREAT day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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