Starrphuk's song of the day...

The Deftones - MX.... 
I mean damnnnnnnnnn Chino's voice is amazingly smoking-ly HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

You're so sweet, your smile your pussy & your bones/you're on fire
you move me like music with your style.
Let me think (think about what) about girls (and what else)
& money and new clothes (& what do I get)
thirty nights (uh huh) of violence (yeah) and sugar to love

I mean wowza, his voice just sends chills down my spine. I can imagine him singing to me. Yum. This is another one of those amazing songs to sex to. It is a sensual song. I can't call it. I pheel my body moving in time to the song while I'm phuking. I suppose I get mesmerized by the music and it transcends everything when mixed with the sex. You pheel like you are phloating and pheel intense phlames lick every delicious inch of your body as you get carried off in a cyclone on the way to the zenith of the joyride you are taking together. *Shivers* Whew... just thinking about it, gets me hot. Great now I want some dick... lol

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reinnnnnnna

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