Starrphuk's song of the day...

Is Mariah Carey's "Bliss"........

OH EM GEE! If you have not heard this track, well I just give up! It is off her Rainbow album from 1999. This is one of the sexiest songs I have heard in I have no idea how long. (Still to this day & the Deftones are up there vying for that #1 position!) All you need to know is she sounds like she is cumming as she is singing.... It builds up to this crescendo that is one intense eargasm! Try sexing someone to this song. Not Phuking, slow sexing, (you don't even have to be "making love" either).

Trust and Believe your mate will be salivating over you. Put this song on during the slow strip tease you do phor your mate before jumping on them or have it playing in the background. Either way you are sure to burn yourself into their memories PHOREVER! Ask Starrphuk how she knows and well what can she say? She has put it upon a couple of men pholk a time or two and they STILL talking about it over a decade later! *KanyeShrugs*

Touch me baby/It pheels so amazing/And you stimulate me/And make me want you more and more/What do I do/What do say/Does it pheel good to you this way/I wanna be/All that you need/Boy what's your phantasy?/Better hold on ready or not/Baby my love ain't gonna stop/Take it down low/Make me get high.

Ohh My love goes on and on and on and on and on
My love goes on and on and on and on and on
My love goes on and on and on and on and on
See all my love's phor you

Baby dont you rush me, no/You got to take it slow/Just let the pheeling grow until it overflows/Anyway you want it now/Just gotta tell me how/To give you everything/You've ever dared to dream.
Isn't is bliss to you right now/Don't be subdued/Say it out loud/Ain't it a sweet luscious delight/When you're immersed in my ocean of love/Coming on strong/Baby I've been waiting so long/Revel inside my paradise

Whew! Starrphuk could give you all the words right now but you have to hear it to truly understand what the phuk I mean about this song! (of course that is almost the whole damn thing! lol)

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!


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