Starrphuk's Q&A - Sex & Your Life.

Starrphuk said she would be bringing you interviews and while we will be bringing you more in depth interviews on Sex and your life but phor our phirst one I decided to lob a softball. This weeks interview is with Jennifer Arias. A longtime Phriend & Archenemy. Although we have been getting along phabulously lately. She is one of my oldest phriends here in NYC.

1, Your phirst time, how was it and was Music playing? If so, what was it?
My first time did not really enjoy it, and no music.

2, How does sex influence your daily life? i.e. Music choices, phashion choices, makeup choices, etc.
Phor some reason becoming more sexual has made me pheel more alive, phearless, sexy. Sex is the the red bull in my life, as phar as music, phashion and make up I listen to Trey Songz  put on my phuk'em dress and my phierce make up.

3, Does sex rule your life?
I need it everyday all day.

4, Do you use phood with sex?
Hell yeah I use phood with sex, phood and sex go together.

5, Your phirst "O". How was it, when was it?
My phirst O was weird cause I didn't know what was happening to me, but I know it phelt good and I wanted it to happen again.

We here at Starrphuk hope you enjoyed our phirst Q&A. We will be bringing you quite a phew more interviews that we hope will energize you into action! ;)

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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