Sex Position of the Day...

Ohhhhh it's the Magic Mountain!!!!

Grab as many pillows as possible and arrange them on the phloor, and phall down on top of them phollowing it's shape so your body naturally arches. Have your man lie down on top of you phacing the same direction with his chest riveted to your back his arms over yours. Using the pillows as a crutch poen theose legs up so he can kneel between them and slide right in you!

The reason you'll love it:
You get to do it doggie (which is Starrphuk's FAVORITE!) with the thrill of that, and it is a position every lover boy goes gaga for, but with supersoft support for you both. With all that padding beneath you, he can go all-out wild with the thrusting. And unlike most backside boinks, his whole upper body is one with yours, giving intimacy addicts ultrasensual head-to-toe connection. Focus on this skin-to-skin contact to add yet another sensation to the mix.

Exxxtra Credit:

Switch around your body positions to have even more fun on the mountain of lust. Climb a little higher so that he's almost lying on top of you for a while, then descend a bit so you're practically sitting in his lap. Each tweak will give you something new to moan about.

Starrphuk can say she loves to play with this one. You can move and wiggle around and clap your ass. Phor those of you who do NOT know how to clap your ass, well let me break it down. ;) All you have to do is squeeze your butt repeatedly over and over and try to make it go in a circle as you do it. Try doing it while you are at home alone to get the hang of it. If you have a smaller ass, it is cool, you will make it bigger by constantly making it clap/shake. (That is what happened phor Starrphuk, she had noassitol and started making it jump while lying in bed and has continued to do so for over ten years. Now she has a NICE juicy ass that men love. As does she.)

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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