Sex Position of the Day...


It's the YES YES YES! Sounds divine!!

Lie on the bed phacedown, then move your body forward until you head and torso hang over, put your palms on the phloor so you can support yaself. Have your man get on top of you and enter your love canal keeping his legs inside yours. He can grasp your hips/ass phor leverage which allows him to keep his head and shoulders raised instead of resting on your back. Your bodies will form a sideways Y, for Yes!

Since his legs are in between yours, you will be sure to pheel tons of quick in and out moves -- sending a monsoon of pleasure to the nerve-rich phirst phew inches of your love cave. Since you are upside down, the instant blood rush will heighten each thrust, making you pheel like you are floating above and having an out-of-body erotic experience. SInce your head is hanging, you won't be able to stay there all night long. Of course who need to be like that all night long?! You can mix up the regular with this little interesting bit.

Exxxtra Credit:
Lock your ankles around his calves to hold him in place, then lift your hips and grind while he grinds right back in tight circles phor an amazingly intense naughty-region mesh. The close contact is perfect position for deep, daring sex. So close your eyes and just go with the phlow — Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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