Sex Position of the Day...

Are you ready to be... ON THE EDGE!!!!

Lie on your back by the edge of a pool or dock so your butt's just hanging over the edge above the water. Have your man stand in the water, facing you, then lift your legs and rest them on his shoulders as he enters you. You can hold on to the edge of the pool or dock for support.

Why you'll love it:

With On the Edge, your man has a full frontal view. So up the optic ante (and channel your inner sex goddess) by caressing your breasts and tummy,(and of course do not phorget your little button of pleasure) which will give him even more eye candy. A bonus: You'll feel spasms of pleasure as the cool water splashes your privates.

Place your hand under the small of your back to lift your pelvis, which puts you in the perfect pose for even deeper thrusting and G-spot stimulation.

Oh yes this one is definitely a phun one!!! Starrphuk has had the pleasure of trying this one... A phew times ;) Anyone try it, let me know if you like it!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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