Sex Position of the Day...

Ah yeah, it's the Hot Seat!!

Tell your man to kneel behind you, but tell him to lean slightly backward. With your back to him, you kneel in front of him, your legs between his. Your bodies should be squeezed together tightly. Wrap his arms around your waist and put your hands wherever you want (his forearms, hips, etc). Once he’s inside you, move up and down or swivel your hips in a circular motion in tandem, stopping to take breaks when you get too worked up or tired.

Since he’s tilting back, he has G-spot access. And this position allows for intense pressure since you’re meshing your butt super snugly with his groin.

This is a phun one that Starrphuk likes to do phrom time to time. The stimulation of his dick inside of you while you helping him thrust deeper in you is out of this world! Especially if he uses his other phree hand to wrap around your throat with just the right amount of pressure...... OH EM GEE! Starrphuk loves the pheel of a man's hand/arm around her throat. There is something so primal about that pheeling. RAWR!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy this lil sex position of the day!!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
Rinna La Reina

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