Sex Position of the Day...

Oh shit!!! It's The Hot Tub Hug!

This is one that even YOU can do, no alcohol needed to contort or "get loose"!

Tell your man to sit on the bench of the tub with his legs slightly open, leaning back with his arms open wide and resting on the edge of the tub. Climb on top, facing him, and slowly start to lower yourself onto his cock, holding on to his shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and feet flat as you move up and down or back and forth.

Why you will love it:
The space between your bodies allows both of you to watch the hot action. And let's be honest, who doesn't LOVE to watch his cock dipping in and out of you?! You can also rub your pelvis against him, so you can maximize clitoral stimulation by rubbing your bliss button against his pubic bone as you gyrate. Leaving your hands free to rub your tits and play with your nipples.

I hope you enjoy Starrphuk's sex position of the day! I will be bringing them to you everyday!! Try it out tonight! Let us know how it works out phor you!!!

Have a great NIGHT the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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