Sex and the Economy


Last night Starrphuk had the pleasure of going to Jersey Girls in Elizabeth. Quite the time she had! I went with some phriends and I made it BLIZZARD up in there. There were some NICE looking women in there and I was thoroughly pleased!!! They charge $20 at the door and I walked in and went straight to the bar, ordered my drank (Ciroc & Pineapple) and changed my phirst $100 of the night. Suffice it to say a big ass makes me get all weak in the knees! HAHA

Well it certainly seems to me that the economy was doing well in there as everyone was throwing money in the air like they just ain't care. Me included!!! The place itself was cute, I had never been there so it was nice to see a new place. Sorta small but you can see the action better that way. I started throwing money at the women so phast they all came running to my end of the bar to get that dough. I passed out a phew cards to some of the ladies and some of the bouncers. Even the DJ. I let them all know I am writing a continuing series about Sex & The Economy and I want to interview each and everyone of them. We shall see if anyone gets in touch.

I met a bad bitch up there she was WHOA! Had me phuked up in the head I mean WHOA! With an ass like WHOA! I was trying to get a lap dance from her but she ain't want it. (I hate when chicks ain't about their money!) Anyway I was throwing it in the air and she danced phor me a little while but then came another big bootied chick and I was DONE! I had to change ANOTHER $100 and off I went. The phirst chica came back around and danced phor me but not the lap dance I wanted. She did rub that big thang all up on me though. So I was tired of her and went back to showering the hot chick in phront of me. She came up on the bar and started doing splits and shaking that ass that I had to give it up to her and about three other ladies as well!

Now I know Starrphuk was there to get interviews but can I help it if the ladies are so damn ravishing that I always forget why I'm there?! :)

Well I must say I haven't gotten an interview as of yet but I am confident that one shall be coming soon.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)

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