Sex and the Economy

The recession seems to be taking everyone out...

According to MediaTakeOut:

February 12, 2010. Well the recession is hitting everyone, including dirty film stars. In a recent interview, obtained by MediaTakeOut.com, popular actress Kelly Star explained why she is NO LONGER doing films. 

Q. Okay . . . so no more stripping or porn, but you still escort? What's up with that?
 Well in my opinion (and this is only one persons opinion...everyone is entitled to their own) There are different levels of being a hoe. When I say hoe I mean "WHORE", which in my opinion is any woman who sells her body. Stripping is selling your body, oh yes getting paid to take your clothes off, and then shake and gyrate your nude breasts, ass and pussy in a man's face is SELLING YOUR BODY ladies, and YES that makes you a whore aka HOE! (And let's not even get into rubbing your snatch on a strange mans crotch for 20 bucks), lol.

Doing porn is selling your body. You get paid to have sex on camera that makes you a hoe. If you get paid to masturbate on camera, still a HOE! Being an escort is just one of the more HONEST and OPEN forms of selling your body. Done with much more class and a lot more discretion and safety than say, standing on the street corner... but a HOE nonetheless. With that being said for me escorting is the lesser of the HOE evils, so to speak. LOL. I never wanted to be the oldest stripper in the club (like Trix in "The Players Club"), and after 11 years of dancing in a shaker club you get tired of "Running Game" every night, tired of pretending to be interested in whatever a customer is talking about, tired of the music, tired of drinking, tired of the dressing room drama and haterism between the dancers.

Believe me, I turned 30 years old in a strip club and a week later had to beat the shit out of a chick with my clear stiletto. I knew it was time to stop dancing at that moment. I already explained how I felt about porn in the last question which brings me to escorting. Simply put escorting just works better for me. I'm out of town maybe 1 1/2 weeks out the month and make enough money to be comfortable in that week. I don't have to slave away and it's pretty darn discreet... unless you're seriously looking for my advertisement you won't just "Accidentally" come across it online. Discretion and great hours are the main reasons why I do what I do. I start school full time in two weeks, so I will cut my escorting down to two weekends a month. I will be in school 4 days a week. I will only work 4 days a month. In those 4 days I can pay all my bills plus pay for school.

Q. Don't you get tired of having all that sex with strange men for money, and what type of services do you provide?
 I like how people think that for some strange reason sex "For money" is somehow harder on your body than "Free sex", lol. No one ever asks the 18 year old college student who goes out and parties with her sorority sisters every weekend and bangs 3 or 4 different guys a week does she get tired of having sex with strange men. No one thinks her p*ssy will get "Worn out". But people think my tw*t is "used up" or something?? I always say, "If I had to get f*cked by my clients the way I get f*cked in my movies I'd NEVER escort"!

I swear I don't know why people think I'm having sweaty hour long sex with clients? I would say that about 96% of my clients "Finish" somewhere between 3 and 15 minutes. I rarely break a sweat and might have a few hairs out of place and need to re apply lip gloss when it's all over. It is truly easy money. Not to say my clients aren't satisfied, it just isn't as grueling as many people would believe. I also get annoyed when people think I have unprotected sex or "wild, kinky" sex with clients.

Condoms are used with EVERYTHING even oral and I only offer anal to clients spending a minim of $2500. Needless to say that cuts down the amount of anal sex I have with clients. To tell you the truth I have only had anal sex with one client a long time ago. Clients are not allowed to video our time together for any amount of money. I don't do women, couples or groups. I don't offer any fetishes or domination (I'm just not comfortable being alone with anyone into bondage or anything weird".

No kissing, no exchange of bodily fluids. Recently I even stopped allowing clients to go down on me because I really didn't feel comfortable with the saliva on my snatch. So you see it's really not a lot of work involved. Let's say I'm out of town 2 days. I might see 10 guys on average for both days total. That's about 4 hours of actual "work" and I've made anywhere from $3000-$5000 not including overnight appointments or tips, and yes guys actually tip, lol.

'm not greedy, I don't escort every day of the year. I make what I need to take care of me and my family and I go home and live a pretty normal life. If you didn’t already know what I do you would never guess it. To tell you the truth out of pure laziness and just being "Comfortable", I could probably go on doing this until I’m so old no one wants it anymore! LOL, but to tell the truth I am tired. Tired of lying to my Family about what I do. Tired of worrying about if and when my kids will find out what I really do for a living.

Tired of either depending on my man to take care of me financially or forcing him to deal with me having sex with other men for money. It’s not that I personally give two shits what anyone thinks of me, because really I don’t . . . I just feel extremely unfulfilled and I need a career that reflects more accurately who the real me is. I want to actually make a difference in this fucked up world. That’s why I am in school now to become a nurse. I still have to pay the bills so I choose to continue to escort while I continue my education.

Q. How much do you charge?
 I don't want to kicked off MySpace for soliciting so please Email me for prices at [EMAIL REDACTED]@yahoo.com

Wow! Well I guess that is how somethings are right now. More interviews coming as Starrphuk phinds people to speak about their experiences.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
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