Sex and the Economy Pt. 2

Well guys!!!! Here I am Ms. Rinna La Reina and I went out to the skrip club tonight to smell of cherry body spray and get glitter all over me. I was going to interview strippers for the blog but what happens when I get to the place?! They are CLOSED!!! So I suppose the economy is pretty bad out there! I had all these questions lined up and ready to go with my stack to make it snow up in that bitch!

So now I suppose I will have to go to Sue's Rendezvous tomorrow and try to drag a girl away phrom a "Baller" phor this interview. I guess Starrphuk will be putting her game phace on and bringing that stack up there and instead of making it snow I will make it BLIZZARD up there!

Hopefully I can get the interview I want. Wish me luck my lovies! Your intrepid reporter signing off!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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