Sex and the Economy

How has the Recession hit you thus phar? What industry would you think is doing well? Manufacturing? Shipping? Textiles? Nope Nope and Nope.

Sex.......... that is the industry that is doing outstanding. (What you are surprised?)
Well apparently in London it is booming phor them; men there spent 4.2 Billion Pounds on the sex industry. That works out to roughly 5,738,039,875.03 USD!!!!

(They are calling it a Sexcession) and I got to thinking how does it rate here?? Are our sex workers making it work in these times? Or have more and more women phlooded the market to make ends meet and thus phlooding the market with pussy? Has the credit rating of pussy phallen? I want to take to the streets and ask the workers and Brothel owners here in NYC what they think of this economy now. I know for a phact that while women say that they would NEVER do that, I have had the pleasure of turning a bitch out. (More than once and will continue to do so until they don't want it anymore!) Once they see the potential, their eyes glaze over and you can literally see the $$$$$ in their eyes. I haven't had as much success lately with the "tricks" seeing as I like to charge top rates phor my ladies. People are getting stingy with money lately and it makes sense, I mean you have to choose between milk and bread phor the kids or getting some strange, well I guess I would feed the kids. I simply shan't lower their rates so then when we come out of this recession they will say "Oh I used to pay xy&z, why do I have to pay more now"? I do however know there are some ladies out there whom are making the price of pussy phall quicker than AIG's stock. They do that by charging these outlandishly CHEAP prices. The old adage is true, you get what you pay phor!! If a bitch is charging $100 yeah she has a high rate of turnover but how many johns does she phuk to make the same amount my ladies make? (I'm off on a tangent, lol this is another topic phor another day!!!!)

I haven't spoken to any madams or strip club owners as of yet but I am starting to think this will be a phun story to investigate! I will be doing more research on this subject and I want to hear your stories/views.

Are you phrequenting the strip clubs like you used to? Are you hitting the brothel before you go home still? Ladies you can answer this as well! Don't be acting like ya'll don't pay phor sex and go to the strip clubs! I wanna hear your opinions!!! I will be updating this topic quite a bit as it is something that I hold near and dear to me heart as I was once a brothel owner and I LOVE me some damn strippers! It is ALMOST a problem phor the Goddess!!! I can't go in with a wad... I'll leave in phive minutes. I just love the way they smell, pheel, look, ahhhh the glitter!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
Rinna La Reina

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