Scotty Lago kicked out of Olympics?!

Because of a photograph?!!?!?? Are you phuking serious?! Because it looked a LITTLE like like she was kissing his cock?! GTFOHWTBS!!! It is obvious he has the medal around his waist and THAT is what she was kissing. Ah man, I tell you this whole PC thing is just WAY outta hand. If that was what the woman wanted to do while getting her picture taken, well LET HER! I mean it is all in good phun. Sex is a part of life. And while this pic is "racy" it is not like she is actually sucking him off!! If someone wants to look like an asshole well let them. They are both adults. To kick the man out of the Olympics because of a picture... YOU ARE DUMB. Just because of the Michael Phelps picture now every one is so damn sensitive.

What do YOU think?

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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