Listening to Mariah Carey... smelling of Issey Miyake

...And wondering what is the deepest deep you can go while listening to her? You know what I am talking about; that deep penetration that can only come while sexing to some slow sensual music. It doesn't matter the genre of music because all have sensual songs. I just happen to be listening to Mariah at the moment. I like to think that I can have better sex whilst the playlist is on and those smooth rhythms just take over your body. I find myself going in time to the music quite a bit. And no, not just to slow shit, any type of music. If I am on top, I do it, on bottom I wind my hips and from back well, I just wiggle the ass and once again wind them hips! Shoot some of you out there reading this might have had the pleasure of finding Starrphuk in your bed! And you already know how she does it!

You know; that sex that is slow and sensual, not making love necessarily but just "slow wine" lol Legs open as phar as possible and him just barely going in and out of you then POW! He goes balls deep in you and you pheel it making your legs quake and your whole body shake! The pheeling/look of that beautiful dick sliding in and out of you makes it 1,000,000 times more electric. All you are hearing is your voices, deep guttural sounds coming phrom you and the music in the background.

When you see the dick going in whether it is in the mirror or looking right at it, is it not something of wonder to behold? Just to see pussy juice drenching the big sexy cock and hearing him say "Oh my god, your pussy is so juicy and dripping, I love it. My cock loves it." Then the MUSIC just transports you on a wave of cumming that doesn't want to stop. All you can say back is "Ay papi, Please give it to me. I want that huge cock in me deeper." And you immediately grab your ass to open your pussy so he can go even deeper than either of you thought possible. You start kissing which of course amplifies it a billion times. You notice you kiss in time with the stroke and start to tease each other with both your mouths and your bodies. In the back you hear the notes of the music as they carry you both off into utter bliss.

Then that slow teasing and sensual sex goes to animalistic heights neither of you dreamed of. Of course this is right around the time you pheel the pussy getting extremely wet because he has just hit the G-Spot (Yes it DOES exist!) and all of a sudden the bed is drenched with your sex and you both start crying out how much you love/want/need each others sex all the time and as those notes start to hit that crescendo you both say how you are about to cum he tells you to tell him when you are about to cum. As you are trying to get the words out and tell him just how amazing he is; you pheel the waves building up in you and slowly start to course throughout your body. You whisper into his ear, (as you bite it) "Damn baby, I'm about to cum right now" and grab his ass to shove him deep as possible into you as you wrap your legs around him. He growls back to you, "I'm coming right now" and you pheel the cock throbbing and the sensation of the cum as it splashes up against your walls and out of you as you simultaneously cum and he falls atop of you. And of course what do you hear? The music playing in the back. The phorce that made it even more dramatic.

Ahhhhhh wow the joys of sex guys!

*DISLAIMER* For those of you whom might think I am practicing unsafe sex, no in no way am I advocating OR practicing unprotected sex, I was just writing from that point of view. I can write it from the safe sex view as well guys. No hate mail/comments!!

Well I suppose I need to stop listening to Mariah Carey and take my ass to bed but I am now riled up and wish I had a man in my bed to go to so he could take control of the situation and show me how he does it. Ahhhhhhh

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

Rinna La Reina

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