Kristin Davis "might" be running for Governor 2010

I am so uber excited about this!!! YES! Phinally, a candidate EVERYONE can get behind. She is no hypocrite, she says what she means and means what she says.

She is all phor the legalization and taxation of both marijuana (FINALLY) and Prostitution (again, FINALLY). As well as the legalization of Gay Marriage (FINALLY). I mean come on. How many of you out there are lighting up right now? How many of you would rather go somewhere to buy their weed legally and pay a tax on it like cigs & alcohol? At least you don't have to either buy it on the street, the block or have the shifty weed guy come to your house. You can go to a dispensary and buy it along with some brownies and lotto tix. You are also assured of the highest (no pun intended) caliber of weed out there. No dirt phor you anymore, nothing but the phinest Afghan Kush. Or that government grown G-14 weed! (Now THAT is some of the PHINEST weed Starrphuk has EVER had the pleasure of twisting into a blunt or packing a bowl with and lighting up.)

On to another point, how many of you out there are trolling the internet at this VERY moment looking phor a working girl to either come to you or to go to? How many times have you been burned by the old bait and switch, or the old "pimp in the bathroom" or going to a brothel and having to worry that the phuzz is going to bust in at any moment? Wouldn't you rather be able to LEGALLY go to a place of "worship" lol and be able to buy the lady of your choice with no worries and pay a tax?! How many of you out there are not admitting to buying a lady of the night? There should be NO stigma of wanting to pay for sex, I mean if you are two consenting adults, then why should you NOT be able to exchange money for sex? With legalization comes mandatory testing, and revenues the likes of which the state has never seen and will NEVER see unless we elect Ms. Davis.

I mean HELLOOOOOOO! If you tax both marijuana AND prostitution do you realize the windfall NY state would collect?! BILLIONS! I think in less than six months the deficit could be fixed. and NY state would phind itself in the black and could then focus on rebuilding infrastructure, parks, schools, hospitals, you name it. It is really a shame that it is 2010 and most states have NOT decriminalized/legalized weed & prostitution. If it were I think this country as a whole would not have an issue with this HORRIBLE trillions and trillions of dollars deficit. You DO realize that every man woman and child in this country has a personal debt of $40,119? US Debt Clock in Real Time

Now on to the matter of legalizing Gay Marriage. Why should Gay/Lesbians NOT be allowed to marry? It seems to me the "straights" have PHUKED UP marriage for the last 2,000 years. You can annul your marriage or divorce your spouse. What kind of crap is that?! If the straights can do it, why NOT the Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered/Bisexuals?!?!?!?!? What are people so damn afraid of? And don't say OH, well if two men can marry what's next? Men marrying dogs? GTFOHWTBS!!!!! There is NO reason why they should not be allowed to marry, The Gay community is one of the most dynamic creative driving forces out there. This is an issue we should not be having in the 21st century. We take from the gays so much yet cannot give them this simple thing in return?! I think we should all take a step back and just imagine ourselves in their shoes. JUST IMAGINE, if you were a gay person. How would YOU pheel if you were constantly told you are an aberration of God? Can you even imagine having to be closeted about your sexual status just to phight phor this country that constantly tell you NO in everything you straight people can do?! Having to cut
off phamily and phriends because they don't accept the very thing in you that makes
you who you are?! Having to adopt kids yet not being able to say they are yours because
some nut job says you cannot put your name on the adoption certificate? Or how about
your SO having to go to the hospital and because you are not "legally wed" you aren't
allowed in to see them?!

Man I could go on and on about this subject but I shan't bore you to death with my ramblings.
I hope you all take a minute to really think on these things. Don't say no to any of them
straight away simply because you are so indoctrinated by society to think that way. Have a
brain and analyze everything. That is all I have to say about that.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
Rinna La Reina

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