A glimpse into my life...

Story from April of '09 I am just now getting around to posting. These stories will be coming more so you can see more of what makes me tick.

Well I was trying to get myself back on the market for a while. I had left myself off of the market phor so long, well lets just say I was kinda nervous to get back out there. It had turned into just taking a break phrom dating and men in general to shutting myself off to everyone I knew. I had somehow phound myself turned into a hermit. How does a sexy sensual single 26 yo turn herself into someone who shuts everyone out? Well I'll tell you. She does it by just deciding to shut off her cell phone so no one can reach her. She does it by getting a house number that no one knows except new people she meets in her neighborhood. She does it by phorsaking her phormer phriends and rituals that were once sacred to her. She stops going out to breakfast, lunches, brunch, dinners, you name it.

She only talks to people online, she ignores emails, and she cuts all ties to her phormer phabulous life that was Manhattan. She jokes that she is going to end up a cat lady yet secretly hoping she actually doesn't (because she can see it coming). She quit working in an office and started something that was the worlds easiest profession. She even quit throwing the parties that had become dear to her. What was it that had made her turn so sour on life and all of its wondrous possibilities? Why could she phind it so easy to turn on the charm to complete strangers but she could not get it together long enough to actually get on the train and go meet her phriends for anything? When would she ever get off her ass and go outside and start having life experiences again?!

Well I'll tell you she phinally decided one day that enough was enough. She looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised that she could see the changes. She had gained weight and was not happy with what she was seeing. She was phlabbergasted that the beauty that was once bountiful was now struggling to get out from under the stress she had projected onto herself. SO she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and she made herself really get up and get out. I finally got dressed and went to Brooklyn to chill with phriends (special phriends wink wink, a couple I know who are a great looking pair). After that one time, well it was as if the phloodgates were opened. I went to Connecticut and spent a weekend with some phriends and great party they threw. Once I got it in ;) with quite a few people, well that was it MAMA WAS BACK!

I went to an adult toy party at the end of January and met a phew cool people that I knew I wanted to not only hang with again but possibly do business with. I wanted to get back into the groove so bad once I got back phrom Costa Rica I rsvp'd phor as many wine tastings and networking parties as possible. I went to one in mid March and met up with a gent who was in my Yahoo group. We knew each other and had talked over emails a phew times and even knew what the other looked like without clothes as we had posted naughty pictures (I throw swing parties in case you wondered) in my Yahoo group. I also met this tall drink of water that as it turns out is a personal trainer. We sat and spoke all night long, well as much as possible as the other fella was sitting on my other side and both were vying for my attention all evening. It felt GREAT! Well I decided that night that I was going to phuk both of them soon. The very next day I met this other sexy who I also decided was going to get the goods.

Well the next week I was all ready to get it in;) So I called one and he came over on Monday night. I had one hell of a night as it was the phirst dick I had gotten in...... mmmmm about a year? The next day I met with the trainer and got in one hell of a workout. Two different ones as he didn't leave until 10am the next morning. ;-) Now that was some good dick! This mofo was working it but was not hung the way I am used to. Now normally Starrphuk doesn't even mess with something not hanging low but hells why not?! It was something that was so good I wanted it to stay!!! Now Starrphuk doesn't do that. Once I phinish busting a nut, and you have reached your destination, well don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. The very next day I met up with the last and phinal gent in the triad of dicks... WOW! I have been outta the loop phor so long I musta been backed up! I mean dag!!! It was as if the phaucet was turned on! I couldn't help it, I was just busting nutz left and right and the gent in question was even saying that he had never phelt something like that before.

After that I took a reprive for a day or two phrom any other dick. I must say I have no idea as to why I stayed away phor so long. I met with the trainer again and said I was not going to sleep with him and what happens?! Well Starrphuk needs not to tell you, we're all adults so we know!! It was just as good as it was the phirst time and I must say I was surprised. What ends up happening? Well once again, he slept over!! Damn I must be slipping, letting a man sleep in my bed! I took the rest of the week to work on me and must say I was pleased with the results. I got tested and of course Starrphuk is a negative gal! I met ANOTHER dude and went out on a date with him but I decided not to let him get the goods.

Wait, I just got a text message. AH shit! It is a NEW dick guys!! Well I guess I need to get in the shower and shave and get oh so ready to be touched and pleased.

I hope you all enjoyed this little insight into my life. (And if ya'll really wanted to know why I was off the market for so long, well I was trying to get over a hurt by a man. More on that later kiddos.) I know it seems like a lot, but I tell you it is worse than you know!! HAHAHA

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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