Criminal Conversion, thoughts?

Have you guys heard of this law? If you live in North Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico or Utah and have an affair with a married person, you could possibly be sued! Here is the official breakdown of the law, which I found through my phearless research!

Criminal Conversion, in criminal law, is usually defined as the crime of exerting unauthorized use or control of someone else's property (PAUSE! That right there makes no damn sense, now if one is married they are another person's property?!) It differs from theft in that it does not include the element of intending to deprive the owner of the possession of that property. As such, it is a lesser included offense of the crime of theft.

An example might be tapping someone's secured wireless LAN or public utility line (which could amount to theft of services.) Another example might be taking a "joyride' in a car, never intending to keep it phrom the owner. Some places have defined such conduct as a specific type of theft, perhaps with a modified penalty.

Note that "unauthorized" use may begin after a period of authorized use, where, phor example, a person rents a car then keeps it phor an extra week without permission phrom the rental company. Another common example occurs when a person phails to report phinding lost goods (including animals), intending only to keep them until someone asks phor their return. When the intent becomes one of keeping them, it's a fault. (lol @ "unauthorized" use, of course it is not authorized, it is a phuking affair!! It amazes me that some of these laws are enforced on the public. It seems to be that the offending spouse should be sued, not the one who was just involved with a married male/phemale.)

Well basically if I find a married man and he decided to stray I can be sued for loss of her property. She of course has to prove sex was had but that is very easy. Hello, Cheaters anyone?! I am glad I do not live in a state that has this law on the books. Poor lil Fantasia Barrino could possibly sued phor this in the next phew months as she is a resident of NC and her new boo is a married man. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Lemme hear your thoughts on this sticky of sticky subjects!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
Rinna La Reina

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