The Booty Parlor

How cute! Starrphuk was sent the link to this sexy little site! They have wonderfully devilish little gifts phor your mate that will be sure to start a phire in the boudoir! Check them out and order a couple of things to put the spice in the vice! ;) The Booty Parlor

I personally will be ordering The Ultimate Date Night Experience. It sounds divine!!!! What lady wouldn't like to wear the vibrating panties while her gent makes it pulsate more and more then less and less.... Then hits you again with the vibrations. Then moving to the candle that turns into massage oil, drizzled on you and rubbed into you, placing the blindfold on and then wondering where the oil will be poured onto you this time... where he will rub you with the ultra warm oil... Possibly being bound with the ties and then having to relinquish complete control to him. Ahhhhhhh I think it is time Starrphuk gets her sexy beast on! She might have to tear down someone tonight! MMMMMMM

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La Reina

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