Last nights festivities at Santos

Well last night was a night of EPIC proportions! As you can see with me just NOW starting to get around to writing this! It all started with Starrphuk going to a taping of this new show phrom Jerry Seinfeld, The Marriage Ref" early in the day. It actually ran a little long and messed up my plans phor the rest of the evening. I had to be at the opening of  Damon Dash's new gallery, DD172 in TriBeCa by 7:30 but was stuck at the taping until about 7 o'clock. Thank goodness I had a ride uptown to my good phriend Adrian's house where I got dressed and out we went.

We got off the train and phor two seconds Starrphuk was like errrrrr where the hell am I?!?!? HAHA We get to the spot and I'll be damned if the cops had shut it down. So we went over to Sazon had a drink and off to Coffee Shop we trekked. I hadn't been there in a year so it was nice to go and have a drink there, it was like going home. lol

I then got the call and went to meet my Brooklyn crew downtown at Santos for their hot Friday night party. The resident DJ's are Just Blaze (@Themegatrondon) and Max Glazier (@Maxglazer) hip hop upstairs and reggae downstairs. I met my boy Tiz outside and we walked right in bypassing that redic line. Down we went into the reggae room. I set my coat down and was handed the biggest cup of Hennessy she EVER saw! lol Tiz was like that's how we doing it, no chaser. I said phuk it, LET'S GO! I mean damn I haven't seen Tiz since 2006 at a party I had at the Boom Boom Room. All of a sudden I see someone dancing over to me and it is none other than one of my oldest nearest and dearest friends, Christopher AKA Food Rap! I haven't seen this mofo in God knows how long! It has been since 2002? Eight damn years. Phuk all dat, it phelt good to see my old skool phriends and meet some new ones as well.

All I know is I was pheeling the music and dancing my ass off to the reggae sweating out my hurr (lol) and thoroughly enjoying myself. Starrphuk did notice that some of the women were giving her the side eye and she loved that! I mean c'mon, how you worried about me?! I ain't dancing with NO ONE but me myself and I. I could understand if I was grinding up on every Tom Dick & Harry in the joint but I sure as hell wasn't! It made me pheel good though to know that chicks were so worried about me!!! I pheed off that shit and of course you KNOW what Starrphuk had to do right? YOU KNOW IT! Got up on her personal stage and got her reggae ON! HEY, IF I"M COMING BACK PHOR MY MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY STATUS I GUESS THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS, PEOPLE HATE! *Yes Starrphuk is coming back phor her crown, better watch out and get in where you phit in or get run over!!!*

After a time I got tired and decided to make it upstairs to the hip hop room. WOWZA! That shit was so damn tight but ya'll know how Starrphuk does it, she made her own dance phloor where she could and ripped it! She was introduced to many people and was glad to make her connections again. *Damn it pheels good to back in da groove, can't wait to move back into the city* After the party some of us went to Mcd's phor breaky. I had to jump on that iron horse all the way back up to Dykeman at 5 in the am, Of course the A train is local at that time. I didn't get up there till 6:15! All in all I had one hell of a night and am looking forward to Santos for next phew Friday nights until I leave phor Costa Rica. I'll miss the last night of it thou :( I'll be in C.R.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
La MuthaPhukin Reina AKA Mayor of New York City

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