Sexy ass Black men!!! YUM-O!!

Starrphuk is happy that she got some dick last night!!! OMG he is a sexy ass black man (of course!!! You know Starrphuk LOVES her black men!!!) wow now that I think about it I have been phuking with black men exclusively on the new horizon. I was exclusive with them for a while but after one certain man I started to phuk with other men. (More on that on a later date) It was great I had Puerto Rican dick, Turkish dick, white dick, Italian dick and even a Greek dick. They were all great but I'll be damned if there is nothing like some good old American black dick! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!

Now that I have come back to the force I am EXTREMELY pleased with what I have been finding! The dudes I am phuking now are different in size yet I care not because they all get me off! Now when this guy came by last night I was all ready for him. He gave me the most mind blowing massage and out of the three dicks he is the only one who held me down and sucked my pussy!! I was in complete ecstacy as he softly darted his tounge in and around my sweet kitty like he had not eaten in years. WHEW!! He is such a skilled lover. He is also a pleaser as he kept asking what I wanted from him and I kept telling him what I wanted from him.

I decided that he would be the one I let into my mouth after not sucking a superior staff in over a year. After he came up for air I told him to lay down so I could show him the most wonderful blowjob in the world. I looked at that wonderful magnum sized dick and was salivating at the thought of sucking such a beautiful rod. I took him into my mouth and he grabbed me by my hair and moaned so loudly I thought my roommate was going to wake up! LOL I was cherishing the taste of him so much I had to make myself stop so I wouldn't make him cum!!!! Of course since a lovely blowjob is Starrphuk's forte well let's just say there was spit everywhere! (And some of you reading this KNOW how Starrphuk gets down on da Mic!!)

I found some condoms and I let him put it on himself then laid back and waited for that sexy ass big dicked muthaphuka to slide it deeeeeep in me. Oh wow! It was most certainly worth the wait! I mean this is a dude I have been trying to get at for a few years now online. For what ever reason we were never able to connect. {Come to think of it there is one other cat like this that I have been trying to get with for a WHILE now but we can't get it together. One day we might but even if we don't I like this dude and his swag(gag me), his steelo(with a spoon), just everything about him and would love to have him as friend forever if nothing else. Of course something serious would be sublime!!}

Anyway suffice it to say he had me cumming and cumming and cumming as he laid the pipe properly.... Whew! Well now I am remebering all of last night and feel I have to go pleasure Cleopatra. (yes I named her Cleo! And Patience and Fortitude are the girls)  Enjoy!!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!


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