Erotic Toy Party 4.08.2009

Well guys I went to another party this last Wednesday and had a BALL! It was a Sex Seminar, Sex Toy Presentation and of course, Toy Shopping!!! My girl Adrienne phrom My Treasure Your Pleasure was in the house with her wares on display phor all to look at before the shopping commenced. The woman giving the sex seminar was Raquel Brooks. Starrphuk was of course sitting to her immediate right and was the phirst one to phinish the sentence, "I like it when you..." So of course I say, "I LOVES the ultra soft touches at PHIRST with light kisses and nibbling sucking on my phingers/toes that slowly work up to a heavier touch oh!! Speaking in a phoreign tongue is GREAT or just talking period; sexy talk of course nothing about the news! And the obligatory ass slapping, hair pulling and a nice choke... Ohhh! Role playing! OHHH, look at me while I am "servicing" you or vice versa. LOL Too much?! I'll get back to ya lata with more! OHH, light bondage is NIIIIICE" lol So this was what I told the group!! Raquel was like well girl you are NOT shy one bit are you? So I told her well come on you said not to be shy so there it is! SOME of the things I like! Anyway we we given feathers to trail up and down our bodies and Starrphuk was most certainly giving herself some chills! After everyone went around telling what we like phor someone to do to us, she asked us a phew questions on how we get ourselves into the mood for some Starrphuk on Starrphuk time;)

Once the seminar was done we were presented with toys to touch and pheel by Adrienne. There were cock rings that vibrate on both ends, one end, or not at all. There was a vibrating tounge ring that you simply slip over your tounge and turn on and place up against the clit and BAM!! There was this pink thing that you use with some great papaya smelling motion lotion. You smear some of the great smelling stuff on/in it and then slide that dick all the way in! Shoot it phelt so good I wanted to buy one to play with just because!! Starrphuk ended up coiming away with a cute little paddle that says SLUT! All in all I had a great time as per usual. Starrphuk can't wait for the next one as she will be getting some cute dildos and most likely a stripper pole!!!! MMMMMM I can't wait to have some great stripper moves to show off at the next party!!!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)

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