Do you ladies ever phind yourselves not in the mood?!

And if you do find yourself in a situation where you are not "pheeling" it how do you get yourself back into it?!

Starrphuk was supposed to have a new lover come by on Saturday night but when I walked into the bathroom to take a shower and looked at myself w/o clothes I was completely disgusted! I am a little bit bloated and my breasts hurt SO MUCH as my ladytime should be here in a few days and was like UGH, I wouldn't wanna phuk me right now. Now I know phor a phact that the dude in question would be like "WHAT?! You are smoking crack, now come over here and climb up on this dick." (of course I wouldn't want him to even touch Patience and Fortitude and well that is phun to have them played with:) Now I KNOW it will be exxxplosive when we do get it in but Saturday night I was just not into it.

Now I have been working out since the week after the Erotic Toy/Wine Tasting with a trainer I met at that party. (about three weeks now) We have been working out thrice a week but I still am not where I want to be. I know, I know I will not be there as of yet but like I said I was just like gross when I looked at myself.

Now being the dynamic, stellar, knockout I am I know I am one hot mama, but for some reason I was just not pheeling it at all. Is there anyone else out there whom pheels the way I do?! Starrphuk loves sex, hell IS sex, but everyonce in a while I am just not there. Of course today I was able to get into the groove with no problemo with a lover I have recently started sexing ;). NOW THAT WAS PHUKING PHUN!!! I came and came and came and came... ahhhh so much so that I think I came more with this dude than I have with past lovers that I was with for years. Let me know how you pheel on the subject men and women.

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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