Thanks to Flava's!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I can say! Some of your phaithful Starrphuk/Flava's members made the arduous trek up to Connecticut this past weekend. I tell ya what though, it was worth it!!! It was a stone cold groove my man! (lol) We stopped at Mohegan Sun and did a little gambling then made our way to the Flava's compound. I know that this little birdie had an incredible time! The compound is beautiful and so well decorated.

Our hosts phor the evening were gracious and SEXY! We all phelt welcome into their home and showed just how comfy we really were. HAHA Phor those of us who just HAD to smoke, be it cigs or some goooood haze, we had a huge area in which to do so. Once we got a little drinkie poo or two, we all got changed into our clothes (or lack thereof) of the theme, "KamaSutra". We all introduced ourselves as there were about seven or eight couples and a phew single phemales including myself. Then we started to play the cutest game, "Guess Who". Alright, not cute but shexy as hell! LOL We got blindfolded and had to phigure out who was whom in this sexy guessing game. (As you can see phrom the pictures of me above!)

After that, we sorta all went into different directions and paired up with our selections.... I decided that the phirst one of the evening HAD to be the Flava's Birthday Boy and host. Phrom there, I was whisked to and fro and barely had time to breathe! hehehehe There was a chick there who had a strap-on and phuked all the ladies in the house! She got ahold of me and wore me out! The party lasted until about 6 am or so, at least that is around the time I phinally went to bed! I was phinished phor the night!

We woke up late, had a sweet breakfast made by miss sexy Flava's herself and then took another nap and finally got up and left around five pm....

When I say we will certainly be making the trip back to Connecticut please believe it! It was truly great to meet the people I met and have the dirty dirty phun that was had. Until next time my Super Sexy Starrphuk's!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!

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