Hey all! I am finally up and running again from New Jersey Forbidden Fruit's Owner V's Birthday Weekend in Philly. May I say I had an AMAZING time!!! I met some new friends and got to hang out with old ones as well. The suites were very classy and contemporary. I wish I could have seen more of Philly but I do plan on returning sometime soon! If there are any readers out there in or around Philly who would like to be my guide around the city, email me so we can link up!

Shout out to Ang & J! for picking me up and letting me indulge my speed racer fantasies on the way there! Also shout out on the Caviar, Creme Fresh, Brie, Smoked Trout, Crackers & Bellinis. I know I stuffed my dang face!!!!!!! K&K it was great to see you as always and "Man that Muthafucker Dead!" lol Keep quoting Tropic Thunder to annoy EVERYONE! lol I know I will. To D&J it was VERY nice to meet you and play;-) hopefully there will be many many more indulgences!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU V & J!!!! There were TONS of us Sagittarius's in the house, I felt the LOVE! To those I didn't get to meet, I hope we can meet next time. I know I have left a few people out, but remember ya'll, I was drinking and smoking so I probably do not remember names and thus cannot give you a shout out. Email me so I can properly do so!!!! Also to whomever made the chicken wings, YUM-O!!

Well until Atlanta, I am going underground for a bit.... Like I haven't been there lately huh?! lol I will keep everyone up to date on the X-mas season!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way;)!
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