Starrphuk's 1yr Anniversary & 2nd Annual Costume Party

You are cordially invited to our 1 yr Anniversary AND our 2nd Annual Costume Bash on Halloween Night 2008!

Now phor those of you who remember our party last year it was in the Boom Boom Room in Jersey City. Well we have something BIG in store phor you guys phor this year's party! We are renting suites out in one of THE chicest hotels in all of NYC. Details to come to those who take advantage of the onine deposit! We phully expect to see you in your sexiest ghouls & goblins costumes as there will be a prize to the best male & phemale costume.

Most of you are phamilar with our prices @ Starrphuk but phor this event prices are as phollows: Couples - online discount is 120 but 150 @ door. M/PH/PH Trios - online discount is 150 but 200 @ the door. Single Phemales are PHREE. *** ONLINE DISCOUNT WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE UNTIL OCT. 27TH 11:59 PM.*** Deposits will secure your spot at this UNBELIEVEABLE place! Deposits are as phollows: Couples 40 Trios 75. PayPal is the your ticket into the SHEER MADNESS! Payments can be made to starrphuk@yahoo.com.

There will be hors doeuvre and light bar and mixxxers, BYOB is Encouraged, as is BYOC (condoms as you might have preferances or allergies), BOYT (toys as you might have something REALLY cool to show off), BOYL (lube as you might have allergies or preferances). Champagne toast phor everyone to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of US! More goodies to come!

Have a great day the Starrphuk way!


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