Swinging Terms

Swinging Terms and Acronyms You Should Know:

AC/DC - An individual who is bi-sexual or that enjoys both same sex and opposite sex.
ALL CULTURES - An individual or couple that enjoy all fetishes.
ANAL - Anal intercourse; see Greek Culture.
ARTS - Euphemism for fetishes; Cultures
B&D - Bondage and discipline (see BONDAGE, DISCIPLINE)
Back Door - Slang for anal sex.
BDSM - Bondage, discipline, sadomasochism
BI - Bisexual; see AC/DC
BIZARRE - Unusual sexual desires; Way out.
BONDAGE - Sexually aroused by being restrained or the subject of corrective treatment. A type of sexual fetish, which normally involves things such as ropes or leather, which are used to tie a person up. The person being tied up is normally used as the submissive and the person in control is known as the dominant.
CAN ENTERTAIN - Advertiser maying to invite others to their home for swinging.
CAN TRAVEL - Advertiser may travel to your home to swing.
CANING - A spanking fetish employing, usually using a bamboo or light wood.
CHEATING - Sexual activity with others without spouse's knowledge and consent
CLEAN - Hygienic; Free of sexually transmitted diseases
CLIQUE - A group of people that may not have sex and/or party with you
CLOSED SWINGING - Sexual interaction among couples using separate rooms so that partners of a marriage or other intimate relationship do not visually observe each other's swinging. The rooms are almost always in the same house
CLOSET SWINGER - A person who hides that he/she is a swinger. (Although we here at Starrphuk dislike hiding anything! We are all upfront about it!)
COMMUNITY MEMBER - A person who believes that swinging is more than just recreational sex. But a natural way of life; a lifestyle.
COUPLE - A man and a woman, either married, or in a relationship, maybe even co-habiting. CPL - Short for Couple
CULTURE - Euphemism for Fetish, Arts
CUNNILINGUS - Stimulation of the vagina and clitoris by the mouth especially the tongue and lips, and sometimes the teeth (see FRENCH CULTURE)
DILDO - An artificial penis, usually made of rubber or plastic, for sexual stimulation of the vagina and sometimes the anus
DISCIPLINE - A sexual fetish in which one partner dominates the other, a maying participant. Often includes physical punishment of the submissive partner, ranges from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings (see B&D).
DISCRETION - Asking those who write or call to exercise caution so that children or others who may open mail or answer phone may not be offended and/or made aware of the swinging activity.
DOCILE - Willing to receive bondage and/or discipline (see SUBMISSIVE).
DOMESTIC TRAINING - Submissive obedience to household chores of an intimate and humiliating nature.
DOMINANT - The sexual partner in control of the maying submissive partner.
DP - Double Penetration
ENGLISH CULTURE - Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning (see caning).
ENTERTAIN - An exhibitionist, someone who is sexually turned on by being watched when engaging in sexual acts.
EXHIBITIONISM - Sexual need to show the private parts of the body to others.
FEMALE FELLATIO - Stimulation of the penis by the mouth, tongue, and lips of a female. FETISH - Sexual arousal and pleasure through use of non-sexual objects, actions or non-genital anatomy.
FLAGELLATION - Sexual stimulation derived from pain, usually whipping or spanking. FRENCH - Oral sex.
FRENCH CULTURE - Oral-genital sexual activity.
FUN AND GAMES - Euphemism for sexual activity.
GAY - A homosexual person, gay usually refers to Men who are interested in other Men. Lesbian normally refers to Women who are interested in other Women, but may also be known as Gay. Lesbian action is much more common in the lifestyle than Gay.
GENEROUS - Refers to money for sex.
GREEK - Anal intercourse.
GREEK CULTURE - Anal-penile intercourse.
GROUP ROOM - This is a room that is usually furnished wall to wall with mattresses, it is for group swinging only.
GROUP SEX - Swinging; Social-sexual activity between three or more people.
GROWTH SWINGING - Social-sexual environment that promotes emotional, personal and social growth.
HARD CORE - A swing party or swing engagement where sexual interaction is assumed and expected.
HEAD - Oral-genital sexual activity; "Giving head".
HEDONIST (Swinging) - Euphemism for a swinger; Lives for pleasure.
HETEROSEXUAL - Sexual attraction to members of the opposite sex.
HOMOSEXUAL - Sexual attraction to members of the same sex. (See GAY)
HORNY - Sexually tense; In need of sexual pleasure.
HOST - Willing to provide the place for you to meet i.e. at a hotel, their home, etc (a host). HUMANIST - Person who believes in human values, potential, self-respect of the individual, personal freedom and human rights.
HUNG - Refers to a man with a large penis.
INDOOR SPORTS - Swinging activities in general.
INTERESTED IN FRIENDSHIP - Seeks a swinging relationship that includes emotional and recreational values. Used chiefly in personal ads and letters in answer to personal ads. LEATHER - A fetish; Sexual stimulation through the wearing of leather garments.
LESBIAN - A woman sexually and emotionally attracted to other women (see GAY). NYMPHOMANIAC - Jan Loves to shag, a woman with abnormal sexual desires.
MARITAL AIDS - Dildos, vibrators, and other devices used for sexual pleasure of self and others.
MASOCHISM - Sexual gratification through receiving pain and humiliation from others. MASTER/SLAVE - Participants in a bondage and discipline sexual relationship (see B&D, BONDAGE, DISCIPLINE).
MEET FOR PLEASURE - Will meet for swinging sex; no pretence for social or emotional interaction not directly related to sexual activity. Used chiefly in personal ads and letters in answer to personal ads.
MENAGE A' TROIS - Three people, two of one sex, one of the opposite sex in a swinging interaction. May involve an on-going emotional relationship of the participants {see THREESOME, TRIAD).
MORESOMES - More than three people in a swinging interaction.
NEWBIES - As the name suggests, people new to the lifestyle, first timers.
NON SMOKER - Doesn’t smoke, if it is used in an ad then it normally means they want non smokers only.
OFF PREMISE - These are events in which sexual activity is not allowed at the party. If members wish to get together then they leave and go to a hotel room, home, or where ever.
ON PREMISE - These events are usually house parties or private clubs. Sex is allowed in designated areas, such as bedrooms. There are usually safe rooms where sex is not allowed. OPEN DOOR - (see OPEN SWINGING)
OPEN SWINGING - A swinging party where couples are free to swing in the same room as other swingers.
ORGY - Sexual interaction among several men and women in the same room; group sex.
P/P - Photo and phone number (used in personal ads).
PARTIES - Group swinging with more than one couple. Not to be confused with orgies. Private rooms may be used, but all are under one roof.
PARTY - A gathering of three or more people to engage in swinging. Usually including drink and food.
PARTY CLOTHES - Includes clothes that you wear to the party, and clothes that you change into during the party; the change of clothes are normally robes, lingerie, wrap arounds and other simple items that are easily removed. They may also show the wearer in there best light, and may make certain part of the body visible, normally of an erotic nature.
PASSIVE - Quiet, submissive non-contributor, maying to receive corrective training. Docile and submissive in swinging (see DISCIPLINE)
PHOTO - Usually used in an ad, interested in exchange of nude or sexually explicit photos of self with similar photos of others.
PHOTOGRAPHY - Interested in the exchange (see Photo) or making of sexually explicit photographs, or moves. Interested in meeting with others for the making of these.
PRO - Professional; i.e. prostitutes or paid escorts.
RECREATIONAL SWINGER - A person who practices swinging primary as a recreational diversion with no desire for emotional attachment.
RESTRAINT - Mild bondage used in sexual fantasy enactments.
ROMAN - Group sex, orgies, the party scene, etc (see ROMAN CULTURE)
ROMAN CULTURE: - Sexual orgies
RUBBER - Condom, a means of contraception. Also sexual stimulation through the look, feel and smell of rubber, usually associated with B&D.
S&M - Sadism and Masochism (see SADISM, MASOCHISM).
S.T.D. - Sexually transmitted disease. A term developed in the late 1970's to replace VD as the latter carried social and moral implications in the minds of many. These social and moral implications interfered with the legitimate treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as a medical problem.
SAFE - Used to describe a person who cannot conceive or impregnate; a man who has had a vasectomy or woman who has had a tubal ligation.
SGL - Single person.
SINGLE - A swinger without a partner, single or married.
SOCIAL - A party, dance, or general gathering for social interaction only, there is no swinging at a social. Although swinging may follow if arranged privately.
SOCIAL SWING CLUB - A swing club, usually requiring membership. It offers social and swinging activities, which may be regular, on premise swing parties. Attendance may be restricted to single females and couples, although the marital status of these couples is normally not important.
SOFT SWINGING - A swinging party where sexual activity is available, but is not required, or expected. Also used to describe swapping up to but not including intercourse. (Also see Hardcore)
STRAIGHT - Can mean either; someone who is not a swinger, a swinger who is not interested in same sex sexual activity or a person who does not use drugs.
SWAPPING - Two couples exchanging partners for sexual activity.
SWEDISH CULTURE: - Use of the hands especially in massage to sexually stimulate another. SWING MAGAZINE - Just like any other magazine, but specialized for the swinging community, may include ads for people looking for swinging partners, and general articles related to the swinging community.
SWINGER - One, as part of a couple, who engages in recreational sex.
SWINGING - Where two or more couples agree to get together for the express purpose of engaging in intimate, sexual relations with a partner or partners other than their own. SWINGING LIFESTYLE - Style of living with swinging a major component in recreation, choice of friends, business and social life, and intimate relationships.
SWINGING MARRIAGE - Marriage incorporating swinging and often, humanistic ideals. THREESOME - Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a swinging encounter. Not the same as a "menage a' trois" in that the latter may involve emotional involvement and a continuing relationship.
TICKET - A person, usually a woman, brought to a swing party solely to enable the man to gain entrance. The ticket generally has no intention to swing or is not free to swing.
TOYS - Sexual aids (see MARITAL AIDS)
TRIAD - Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a continuing relationship of emotional and sexual involvement. Not the same as a threesome.
TRIOLISM - Used in personal ads to indicate desire for "threesomes". This is a common but confusing usage (see TRIAD)
TUBAL LIGATION - Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the fallopian tubes to make a woman infertile; A method of contraception. Also called a Band Aid Operation in reference to the small incision made just below the navel to enable the cutting and ligation.
UNICORN - Single woman who happens to be bisexual.
UTOPIAN SWINGER - A person who practices swinging as a total lifestyle with humanistic ideals.
VASECTOMY - Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the vas deferens to make a man infertile; A method of contraception.
VERSATILE - Bisexual. (see AC/DC)
VIBRATOR - Electrically run vibrating device for stimulation of the vagina by insertion or holding to outer lips, clitoris, breasts and the male penis. Some vibrators are penile shaped and are run by batteries while more expensive ones are for surface use and are run by an AC motor from a typical wall outlet. Vibrators are used by both men and women for self-stimulation and to sexually please another.
VOLUPTUOUS - Fullness of beauty and form; usually used to refer to a woman with large well-formed breasts; may also refer to full but well formed hips.
VOYEUR - A person who enjoys and is stimulated by watching others in sexual acts. VOYEURISM - Observing others engaged in sexual activities, in the act of undressing, or sexual exhibitions. The view of an exhibitionist.
WATER SPORTS - Urination for sexual stimulation.

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