HedoOnline's Brazillian Body Fest 08!

Hey guys! If you are smelling coconut and oil, well you already know what time it is! Time for HedoOnline's Brazilian Body Fest! Of course Couples and Single Females ONLY! To get approved for the guestlist, email Lola or Devon by going to their PRIVATE Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hedoonline) Otherwise you WILL look like a fool walking up to the door and not getting in! You will need to provide them with a RECENT clear picture of you and your mate, or just you if that elusive Unicorn ;). We here at Starrphuk will most definately be in attendance. It will be a totally private party with a separate entrance and separate floor for debauched partying!!! Come dressed as if you are going to the beach ladies! Fellas, well think sexy summer gear, white linen, crisp white tees, you know!!! NO JEANS FOR LADIES OR GUYS. We hope to see you all out for on of the HOTTEST nights around presented by HedoOnline.com!

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