Twenty places to have sex before you die!

A good amount of us aren't sure if we're gonna get to continue to have our phabulous sex romps when and if we get into heaven so why not get the most out of our mortal lives as possible. Below is a list composed of twenty places you should manage to get conquer before you bite the dust...

P.S. Starrphuk® is always up for the challenge if any one wants to dare!

21. Hi-Class Happy Ending Massage Parlor
20. New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral
19. Disneyland
18. Parent's Bedroom
17. Prison
16. Fenway Park
15. Your In-Laws house
14. The Coliseum in Rome
13. The Dead Sea
12. Kenya's Alfajiri Villa Resort
11. Kim Kardashian's Bedroom (with her in it, of course)
10. The Lincoln Bedroom (yes, in the White House)
9. Sexual Compulsives Anonymous Meeting
8. The Grand Canyon
7. Victoria's Secret Dressing Room
6. A dorm room with your roommate asleep
5. The Green Grotto of Capri
4. The Great Wall of China
3. The Grotto in the Playboy Mansion at 3am
2. The Paris Hilton Hotel
1. On your deathbed

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